Vector Technology

The next big thing in boots.

The HEAD Vector combines avant-garde injection technology with a new SuperHeat4 (SH4) liner and the revolutionary Spineflex buckle to match ultimate performance with superior comfort.


The SH4 liner (Vector 120; Vector LTD): A completely new design integrating state-of-the-art post-organic materials. Perfect comfort and energy transmission.

  • The Spineflex buckle (Vector 120): A new geometry of the buckle with flexible elements allows a perfect wrapping and a constant traction point.

  • The Triple(Bi)-Injection-Frame: High-performance structured multi-injection shell aligns different material characteristics to boost ergonomic power transmission.

  • Combination of different materials, density and structure design allows to reach the perfect combination of easy entry, comfort and energy transmission:
    - Stiffer PU to optimize energy transmission.
    - Softer PU to optimize foot wrapping, precision and comfort.
    - Softer insert to optimize foot entry, foot wrapping and waterproofness.