TTS – Tip and Tail Stabilizer System. A ski with reduced vibration and increased dampening and a system to increase torsional strength all while at the same time reducing swing weight.

TTS is a stabilizing exoskeleton which dampens the vibrations normally felt from rockered tips and tails also reduces overall swing weight and creates a ski with a playful yet high level of performance. The system is comprised of an elastomeric inlay for vibration control as well as a glass fiber exoskeleton for stability and torsional strength. This combination not only reduces vibrations but creates better pressure distribution upon entry and exit of a turn by minimizing lateral flex of the ski. Reducing overall vibration means better edge control and therefore increasing overall skiing performance and skier experience. In addition, the reduction of necessary core materials in the tips and tails has created a lighter swing weight for easier handling and maneuverability both on snow and in the air.