HEAD Serves Up New MicroGel Squash Racquets

February 25th, 2008

HEAD Racquetsports continues its legacy of innovation with the 2008 launch of the MicroGel series for Squash, incorporating MicroGel technology, that works to maximize the responsive qualities of the racquet to create a rock solid feel, providing ultimate control. The new racquets will launch in February 2008 along with other racquet line extensions and a new high-end squash string.

Focusing on the real needs of the pro player, HEAD combined a new space-age material with stiff and strong carbon composite, which upon ball impact deforms and compresses, absorbing and dispersing the impact to the entire frame, then returning quickly to its original shape.

“After extensive research, HEAD created MicroGel to focus on the needs of the modern pro player. In today’s fast-paced, aggressive game, competitive players need a racquet that provides ultimate feel and touch,” said Robert Marte, Division Manager of HEAD Racquetsports. “The MicroGel technology enhances the racquets responsiveness.”

HEAD will introduce four racquets as part of the MicroGel series in 2008: The MicroGel Extreme is the choice of World No. 2 women's player Natalie Grinham. World No. 2 men's player Ramy Ashour and World No. 3 women's player Rachael Grinham wield the MicroGel 125 as their racquets of choice.

The full line of Squash racquets includes four racquets: MicroGel 125, MicroGel Extreme, MicroGel 145 and the MicroGel Instinct.

HEAD will also extend the Metallix, Liquidmetal and Nano lines in 2008 with the additions of the Metallix Typhoon, the Liquidmetal Raptor, Vision and Supreme, the Nano Ti. Boast, the Nano Ti. Impulse and the Nano Ti. Junior.