HEAD introduces revolutionary Flexpoint technology in 2006 squash line

February 1st, 2006

HEAD’s revolutionary Flexpoint technology will be available this spring in a new line of squash racquets, designed to give players an unprecedented combination of strength and precision. With four racquets in two different head shapes, the 2006 line brings both power and control to players of all levels.

The Flexpoint 130, with its 500cm head size and weighing 130g, is the largest, most maneuverable racquet in the new line. Designed with a larger tear drop, this racquet is also the most powerful Flexpoint racquet available. For players looking for a little extra weight, the Flexpoint 150 is ideally designed with its headsize (500 cm). This power-type racquet is known for its ability to give a perfect feel of the ball, making it an extremely powerful tool.

Designed with top-level and tour players in mind, the new Flexpoint 140 and Flexpoint 160 feature the most popular racquet head shape available. The 140 offers an optimum feel that will put a player at the top of their game. For top players looking to take their game to the next level, the Flexpoint 160 offers the same specifications as the 140, but is slightly heavier and is a control-type racquet.

All four racquets incorporate the latest in HEAD racquet technology, including not only Flexpoint, but also Liquidmetal frame construction.

The features of Flexpoint technology can be seen on the racquet: two small holes located at the three o’clock and nine o’clock positions of the frame are cradled within dimples to create a precisely engineered “flexpoint” when the ball makes contact with the strings. Extensive laboratory tests showed that these two holes work together to control the power and add sectional flexibility. As a result of the dimples and control holes, flexibility of the racquet is increased by up to 50 percent, which produces control like never before, but without loss of power.

HEAD is dedicated to the worldwide growth of squash and supports the game on all levels. Tope-level pros all over the globe choose HEAD: David Palmer (3-time British Open Champion), Rachael Grinham (2004 British Open Champion) and Natalie Grinham.