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Cyano 145

Der Cyclone 145 mit Innegra™ und D30™. Teardrop-Racket mit hervorragender Power und Präzision.

Gewicht145 g
Kopfgröße490 cm²
Balance320 mm

d3o™HEAD lay-up with smart material.
d3o™ belongs to the “smart materials” category and is a futuristic material with abnormal behavior characteristics. More specifically, d3o™ belongs to a subcategory of “dilatant foams,” which dramatically change their behavior under dynamic loading or impact. Integrated in the lay-up and positioned in the shaft area of the racquet, d3o™ offers new possibilities for squash players.

Innegra™The new HEAD Innegra™ hybrid-composite structure is integrated into the racquet for shock absorption and
improved stability. As a result vibrations are reduced by up to 17% on ball impact for unique control and precision.