HEAD TROPHY Bochum 2012

April 16th, 2012

The SG Ruhr proudly presented its new partner HEAD SWIMMING for the international spring swim festival of Bochum (Germany) and all athletes, coaches and supporters were very happy about this new partnership.

More than 20 new meeting records during the event shows the extremly high level of the athletes being present.
31 clubs with more than 395 schwimmers had been prsent at this meeting and with 1827 starts the University-Swimminghall was the perfect place of this extraordinary swim event.

During every competition the HAPPY HEAD HEAT was the highlight and each winner of this HEAT was winning a great gift from HEAD SWIMMING.

All referees and organisation team members were dressed in orange shirts from HEAD and so everyone could feel the HEAD spring power in the swimming hall.

HEAD SWIMMING and SG Ruhr announced, that they will continue their partnership also for 2013.