HEAD’s Anna-Carin Nordin completes the 33,7 km Catalina channel.

July 10th, 2012

Swedish marathon swimmer Anna-Carin Nordin climbed up to swim no 4 on the Oceans Seven list with her successful 12 hour 40 minute Catalina Channel crossing last week. Anna-Carin left Santa Catalina Island near midnight july 2, she swam through the night and arrived on the California mainland in the morning after 33.7km non stop swimming.

- “The conditions were stabile and I swam according to my plan ” said a happy but exhausted Anna-Carin.

She has now completed the English Channel, the Catalina Channel, the Molokai Chanel and the Strait of Gibraltar. She has the Tsugaru Channel in Japan and North Channel between Scotland and Ireland scheduled for later this year and final channel, the Cook Strait, planned for 2014.

Anna-Carin used the new HEAD Ultimate goggle and the Photon swim suit. The swim was performed without wetsuit, as required for channel swim records.

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