HEAD Swimming’s Anna-Carin Nordin completes 44 km swim in Hawaii

November 2nd, 2011

HEAD Swimming’s Channel swimmer Anna-Carin Nordin succeeded with another great accomplishment. On Tuesday October 25, Anna-Carin became the 18th person to swim the Molokai channel, between Islands Molokai to Oahu in Hawaii. The distance of 44 km took 18 hours and 22 minutes non- stop swimming to compete. The conditions were tough with strong head wind and waves up to 8 meters.
“We had to use two safety boats because of the rough sea”, said a happy but exhausted Anna-Carin. To be surrounded by sharks did not bother Anna-Carin, but the Box jellyfish stung her arms and legs during the swim.

This great performance will nominate Anna-Carin for the World Open Water Swimming Performance 2011.

Anna-Carin used the new HEAD Stealth goggle and the Photon swim suit. The swim was performed without wetsuit, as required for channel swim records.