Mer Watersport


• The exclusive and patented bi-silicone technology adds matchless properties to an already high-performing material. Thanks to a softer silicone, the mask easily adapts to any face and fits incomparably comfortable.
• Around the supporting structure of the mask a harder silicone is used, which offers better resistance to the mechanical stress where the rigid frame and the mask skirt are joined.
• The buckles are attached on the harder silicone, to facilitate an appropriate tension for the mask strap.
• The Italian design gives the Jaguar refined and original looks.
• With the Jaguar, you are sure to wear a HEAD product with a unique and fashionable look, designed and tested with painstaking care

FärgerBlå/Vit/Blå, Blå/Blå, Svart/clear, magenta/clear

Swimwear: SOLID 7