A truly definitive design. The Jaguar LSR is the right choice for those who wish to wear perfect equipment, closely studied for highly demanding users, seeking the ultimate performance from their sports-kit.
The mask shape establishes a natural connection between face and lenses.The goggles’ perfect hydrodynamics grant total safety even in rough waters.The hydrodynamic design of the lenses perfectly complements the face, avoiding visual distortions in turbulent water.The curved, conical lenses are the result of intense studies, searching for the best and widest field of vision possible, and for a way to reduce the annoying optical distortions often experienced underwater.The race design brings the goggles very close to the face, therefore when high-speed swimming it will create considerably less vibration.

Färgerclear magenta/clear, clear black/smoke, clear blue/Blå, clear-white/blue-clear, clear blue/clear