The Fusion of Power and Comfort

August 9th, 2011

Tennis players of all levels can now benefit from a new innovative HEAD string which matches the power and control built into their racquets as the new PWR Fusion string arrives on dealers’ shelves.

The HEAD PWR Fusion string is based on the combination of mono-and multifilament fibres. It combines a 4 monofilament polyamide fibre core with an 8-layer multifilament wrap and liquid non-friction outer coating. This unique construction offers enhanced power paired with exceptional comfort and increased durability, and thus presents tangible benefits for tennis players from club up to tour level.

- Four polyamide monofilament fibre core:
The unique combination of four polyamide monofilaments works to substantially reduce vibration, leading to better dampening and comfort. In addition the string offers more durability and produces a solid sound upon impact.

- Eight-layer multifilament wrap:
This HEAD innovation produces enhanced playability for all skill levels, yielding a softer touch with minimal loss of string tension along with high elasticity.

- Liquid non-friction outer coating:
The final element in the HEAD PWR Fusion design is the unique outer coating, which provides less string friction and easier stringability along with increased spin.
In a nutshell: the Fusion of Power and Comfort!

The New HEAD PWR Fusion is perfect for all levels of players who are looking to utilize the benefits of polyester in a powerful, comfortable string. It comes in two colours (black and blue) in gauge 16/1.3 mm and is available now at dealers around the world.