USTA Update: A Note from HEAD North America’s President & CEO

November 29th, 2012

The USTA has decided to put a hold on the proposed changes for the junior comp schedule and embark on a listening tour of parents, coaches, tournament director’s, etc. We commend them for their open mindedness to revisit these changes. If they don’t reverse their stance 2 of 4 national tournaments will be cut from the schedule and draw sizes will be reduced dramatically. We believe that more opportunities are better than less, we believe that more flexibility and options are a good thing. We also believe that better affordability and missing less school are in and of themselves admirable goals, but eliminating tournaments, opportunities, etc. is not the way to accomplish these goals – there are better ways to achieve these goals and not drastically reduce (by 75%+) national tournament opportunities for America’s kids. The USTA is listening. Please go to and let them know you would like to see a clear, broad, and transparent process with input from all corners of our industry to take place before the 2014 changes are implemented. We want the best system, not the most expeditious.” – Kevin Kempin, President and CEO HEAD North America