Extreme Series Tassen

Extreme Series Tassen

Extreme 12R Monstercombi

Just like its sibling, the TOUR TEAM 12R Monstercombi, the EXTREME 12R Monstercombi is a functional partner that gives you all of the room you need. Coming in a color way inspired by the EXTREME racquet series, the bag gives you a total of three spacious compartments, an inside mesh pocket and an outside pocket for additonal space. The unique 2-way carry system lets you pick whether you want to flip the bag over your shoulder or onto your bag for extra flexibility while on the road. And the climate control technology CCT+ in one of the main compartments keeps your racquets protected from even the most grueling heat.

Extreme Series Tassen

Afmetingen:77 x 35 x 44 cm
Afmetingen:77 x 35 x 36 cm
Afmetingen:33 x 50 x 22 cm