Ultimate Speed

Good news for hard hitters:
Ultimate Speed just got faster. So when you play the HEAD YouTek™ Graphene Speed, tell your opponents to keep their eyes open. Thanks to the world’s strongest and lightest material, Graphene, this racquet provides an optimal redistribution of weight and easily creates even more speed in every shot. So enjoy playing – and winning.

Speed ракетки

Graphene Speed Pro 18/20

Играя ракеткой Graphene Speed PRO, вы будете держать своего соперника в постоянном напряжении. Материал Graphene является самым прочным и легким в мире!

* HEAD PRO Players may play with different racquets from the model shown.

Speed ракетки

Вес:315 g - 11.1 oz
Head size:645 cm² - 100 in²
Вес:300 g - 10.6 oz
Head size:645 cm² - 100 in²
Вес:285 g - 10.1 oz
Head size:645 cm² - 100 in²
Вес:260 g - 9.2 oz
Head size:645 cm² - 100 in²
Вес:255 g - 9.0 oz
Head size:740 cm² - 115 in²