Team HEAD is a global sponsorship program aimed at promoting young, talented tennis players in more than 40 countries around the world.

Team HEAD players benefit from partnerships with well-known coaches like Bob Brett and Emilio Sanchez. They are between the ages 11 and 21 and encouraged by HEAD to play their best in a competitive atmosphere.

How does this work? By making sure Team HEAD players have the best equipment to enhance their game. But it’s more than just equipment. HEAD cares about each Team HEAD member’s development and local representatives support each HEAD player, creating a world-wide team spirit.

HEAD is also keen to create an online community of Team HEAD members which also includes winning tickets and Wild Cards, getting tips, tricks and gear that nobody else even comes close to. But most of all it’s about being part of a global group of over-achievers.

Many top stars playing on the Pro Tour today have gone through the program. Players like Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray or Richard Gasquet are former members of Team HEAD.

But also current members of Team HEAD celebrated great achievements in 2011: Ashleigh Barty and Luke Saville from Australia won the Wimbledon junior singles titles, Grace Min (USA) won the girls’ title at the US Open. Dominic Thiem (Austria) was in the French Open Junior Final and won the Orange Bowl against Team HEAD fellow Patrick Ofner.

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Nos comunicaremos con usted y le hará saber si usted ha sido seleccionado para jefe de equipo dentro de las seis semanas de haber presentado su solicitud.

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