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Technologies Get Individual

YOUTEK™ combines superior technologies to perfectly match your individual needs. Whether you game is aggressive and adventurous or consistent and smooth, YOUTEK™ enhances your performance and brings out the best in you.

YOUTEK™ incorporates different technologies to give you the Individual benefits you need to match your playing style. In HEAD’s Power Range, YOUTEK™ includes d3o™, QuadFace, Control Ring and MultiZone Grip™.

  • Reward your Spontaneity with d3o™
    d3o™ belongs to the “smart materials” category and is a futuristic material with abnormal behavior characteristics. More specifically, d3o™ changes its behavior under dynamic loading or impact. Integrated in the lay-up and positioned in the shaft area where the racquet flexes the most, d3o™ maximizes performance and offers new possibilities for players.

    d3o™ is able to sense the needs of the player during different strokes. It is able to adapt to YOU. On high speed impacts (aggressive shots), the smart molecules lock together within nano seconds and dramatically increase the stiffness of the racquet to provide maximum power. On slow speed impacts (slices or drop shots), the smart molecules absorb the impact to provide a softer touch for better feel. What does this mean to a tennis player? Passing shots are even harder and drop shots have even more precision rewarding your spontaneity and supporting your courageous decisions.

    QuadFace extends the stringbed at key points of the frame providing longer strings and an enlarged sweetspot resulting in maximum power. Inner QuadFace is an indentation on the inside of the frame that allows the strings to be more flexible before reaching the grommets, providing a more forgiving sweetspot.
    Outer QuadFace extends the outside of the frame to allow the strings to be longer, which provides more consistent power throughout the sweetspot.

    The Control Ring reduces string deformation providing added control and accuracy on every shot. It is available in 2 piece and 4 piece variations depending on the racquet model. The 2 piece Control Ring is located at the 10 & 2 o’clock positions on the inside of the frame for EXCELLENT control, while the 4 piece Control Ring adds the 8 & 4 o’clock positions for MAXIMUM control.

    Thanks to its unique, smooth, sweat-absorbing non-slip surface, the MultiZone Grip™ offers greater comfort and control during play.

  • Features
    - Replaces the traditional single material grip with zones of functionally different surfaces.
    - Unique sweat channels
    - Aggressive design

  • Benefits
    - One piece design provides a smooth surface for added feel and excellent
    - Embossed sweat channels provide excellent absorption & superior tackiness
    - New design for a very unique modern look