Ultra Swimrun Alps

Everything started almost a year ago when I was thinking of crossing the Northern Alps in swimrun...

HEAD Swimming - Liquid Fire Pro
HEAD Swimming


1- High performance apparel to take into account compression levels needed to increase oxygen delivery to active muscles while in motion. 2- When muscles are compressed and in motion they change shape with increased levels of oxygen-fueled blood pumping through them. 3- This enhances circulation and gets more vital oxygen to your active muscles – boosting your power, speed and stamina. Improved circulation also helps to eliminate lactic acid build up and other metabolic wastes during an intense workout.

HEAD Swimwear - Tropic Womens Swimsuit


HEAD’s technological innovations are once again demonstrated with the introduction of the Vision Goggle. Utilizing proven quality materials, HEAD’s new patented system of optical lenses allows the swimmer to change between clear, colored (blue) and mirrored diopters based upon swimming environment.

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