Head confirmed as official ball of the World Padel Tour for three more seasons until 2018

HEAD Padel Pro will once again be the official ball of the professional World Padel Tour, thus adding three more years to this perfect common path

Barcelona, 10/27/2015.- We are very pleased to announce that HEAD will once again be the technical sponsor of the World Padel Tour for three more seasons, and will be represented in the best possible manner with our HEAD Padel Pro ball, which was created together with the sport's top players. Our path started three years ago in 2013, and shows no signs of stopping – Quite the opposite. The Austrian company and the competition that gathers this sport's best international players have signed an agreement for three more seasons, for a total of six seasons up to 2018.

“This agreement is very important for us, given that the success of our ball is in part linked to the image that is projected from the World Padel Tour," says Christian Reuter, Key Account Manager Head Europe. “As a leading global racket sports brand, we know how important it is to be present at the most important events. These events are a showcase for our players as well as for our products, whether shoes, clothing, racket or, in this case, balls."

Thanks to its good reception among the great specialists, HEAD Padel Pro is enjoying great success in terms of sales among all lovers of the sport, being the benchmark on the market. This ball was crated by the R+D department at the company’s headquarter in Kennelbach (Austria) by the same team of engineers who for years have overseen the creation of the HEAD tennis balls.

According to Javier Porras, Director General of the World Padel Tour: "The HEAD official ball is a key product in the competition and not only is it highly valued by professional players, but also by all the amateurs who regularly practice this sport." He also added: "Our assessment of these three years is very positive. I believe that HEAD is doing a very important job in the world of padel, supporting it with its credibility and strength as a leading brand in racket sports at the global level, and specifically in the WPT professional circuit. Head's presence gives us a warranty seal."

In the course of this year, we have already witnessed remarkable changes. As pointed out by Javier Porras: "During this season, we have improved the circuit's image considerably and have worked to create an increasingly more professional circuit, which has enabled us to make a noteworthy qualitative leap." He also added: “The growth in turnout at championships in each meeting on the calendar, the massive following of the competition via Live Streaming, and the increase of followers on social network prove the success of a circuit that is constantly growing."

On top of relying on premium balls, HEAD also has great players in its team of #GameRaisers, such as Fernando Belasteguín, Sanyo Gutiérrez, Alejandra Salazar, and Eli Amatriain. Belasteguín, the eternal king and a true legend of this sport, has recently been proclaimed number 1 in the world, the 14th consecutive year that he has held the top spot.

World Padel Tour has set itself an ambitious plan for growth in the coming years that is synonymous with international growth and development. For now, we are greatly pleased that the close cooperation between Head and World Padel Tour is being boosted. For the next three years, HEAD Padel Pro will play a key role in all the matches of the professional circuit.