HEAD Padel will continue to support Ari’s padel career, who is one of the world’s most incredible players.

We are delighted to announce that the no. 1 player in the world, Ari Sánchez, just renewed her contract with the HEAD Padel family under a new agreement set to be fruitful for both parties. Note that Ari joined HEAD in 2019, making this the fourth year of collaboration between both parties. 

Born in Reus (Tarragona), currently 25 years old, Ari has one of the deftest touches on the world tour, able to wow us all with her outstanding shots. She started playing padel at age 9 following her father’s footsteps, and one year later she was competing on the Catalan Junior Tour. From that point on she improved at a staggering speed, going on to become the Spanish and World Junior Champion.

She made her World Padel Tour career début in 2016, and claimed her first title, the Santander Open, one year later. Since then she has become one of the toughest players to beat at the 20x10. In 2019 she won five WPT titles, including the Master Final, and in 2020 she added three more titles to her collection, becoming No. 1 while also being crowned Spanish Champion.

In 2021 she became a master again after winning the Master Final, and also won five WPT tournaments. That same year she was crowned World Champion while playing for Spain and one year later, in 2022, she chalked up six WPT titles.

As for today, so far in 2023 she has won Abu Dhabi, Reus (Tarragona) and Granada, and is sure to win more tournaments this year.

In the eyes of the world’s best padel player, Ari Sánchez, this is a great time for padel. ”Our sport is constantly growing; this is a defining moment. We are faced with the challenge of taking padel to the next level and spreading this sport far and wide alongside HEAD”. And this is precisely the goal of HEAD: to make padel grow even more and encourage people to play across all five continents.

Ari currently trains and plays with the Speed Motion, a racquet offering equal parts power and control, which is a perfect combination for enhancing her unmatchable skills on court. This model is perfect for advanced and professional players, and was recently updated with the new Auxetic structure for sensational feel.

“It’s a treat to have Ari stay on here, who’s known as “Magic” for her skills on court and her out-of-this-world shots. It’s unbelievable how much she has accomplished as of today and what she will be able to accomplish in the near future. The trust she has in us makes me really happy and I’m positive we will do big things together”, stated an excited Jordi Vives, International Padel Tour Manager, after hearing the good news.

Everyone on the HEAD team is just as excited.