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  1. Out of Stock
    3 Pack Flat Resistance Bands
    Nur 12,00 CHF
  2. Out of Stock
    3 Pack Looped Fitness Resistance Bands
    Nur 12,00 CHF
  3. Out of Stock
    Weighted Fitness Jump Rope
    Nur 12,00 CHF
  4. Out of Stock
    Adjustable Grip / Hand Strengthener
    Nur 11,00 CHF
  5. Light Resistance Squat Band
    Nur 11,00 CHF
  6. Out of Stock
    Extra Heavy Resistance Band with Grips
    Nur 12,00 CHF
  7. Out of Stock
    Multi-Function Massage Stick Trio ( Foot Roller/ Massage Stick / Ab Roller)
    Nur 23,00 CHF
  8. Out of Stock
    25cm Waist Trimmer Belt
    Nur 12,00 CHF
    Nicht lieferbar
    Waist Trimmer Belt