The Squash Colossus - exclusive interview with Jansher Khan

THE legendary Jansher Khan has revealed his delight at re-joining Team HEAD almost three decades    after he first signed on the dotted line to pioneer our ground-breaking Pyramid Power Series.

Perceived by many as the greatest squash player to have ever picked up a racket, Jansher’s 97-month reign as world No.1 between 1988 and 1998 is still the longest in the history of the men’s game.

Jansher was to go on to win the majority of his record-breaking eight World Championships and six British Opens with HEAD’S Pyramid Power 120 racket which was to achieve iconic status in the immortal Pathan’s soft hands.

Now, just like the newest addition to Team HEAD’s Squash ranks, world No.4 Paul Coll, the great Khan will use the HEAD Speed 120 Slimbody.

In an exclusive interview the squash colossus has revealed what it means to him to return home to HEAD, his excitement at using the Speed 120 SB and why he would recommend HEAD rackets to any youngster taking up squash.

Jansher said: “HEAD just have a very special place in my heart, and it meant the world to me that they came back for me to become involved with them again, it shows me they have not forgotten about Jansher and all the British and World Championships we won together and that is great.”

“When I signed with HEAD back when I was No.1, they were simply the best rackets I ever used, and I went with the Pyramid Power 120 as I really wanted to develop my attacking game and for that getting the right racket was very important.”

“Becoming a HEAD player was something I never regretted as they never let me down and were always there for me and I am proud to have re-joined the HEAD Team once again.”

When it came to highlighting just why HEAD will always be his first choice Jansher got straight to the point: “This is simple, one word, trust! With HEAD you know that you get great quality and like I said they were always there for me and I shared so many great times with them thanks to our partnership.

Jansher Khan Squash Shoe

“Once you have that trust in your racket and the company who make it then you can just focus on playing squash and that is all I ever wanted to do.” 

Despite the fact Jansher retired from competitive play 22 years ago the coaching academy that bears his name means he values his squash racket just as much as he did back in his unbeatable pomp in the 1990s.

That is why Jansher is delighted to now be playing the HEAD Speed 120 Slimbody as he explained: “I am really happy to be playing the Speed 120 SB as it is a racket that gives you everything. Trusting your racket is very important and this is a racket that just feels like an extension of my arm, just like my old Pyramid Power did. That is exactly how it should be.”

“The balance is perfect, and it has great feel, and it has been interesting to see how much the racket has progressed since my days at the top.”

“Obviously I see that the Speed 120 SB is also used by Paul Coll and that is nice as he is a player who I see some similarities in the way he plays and moves to the way I did.”

“He is obviously a fine player and I very much hope that now he has joined up with HEAD he will also enjoy some of the success I experienced when I played with the Pyramid Power 120.”

The squash legend also had some humble words of advice for any youngster when it comes to finding the correct racket for them and the value of sticking with it: “I think some of the best advice I can give a young player is that when they find a racket, they are comfortable and happy with, then they stay with that racket and allow their game to grow and develop with it,” said Jansher.

He continued: “While you are working hard to develop your game and make improvements technically you need to be able to rely on your racket and making the right choice in this respect is one of the most important decisions a young player will ever make.”

“For me when I chose the Pyramid Power 120, I knew straight away I had the perfect racket and together we took on the world. For a young player you want to believe you can do the same with your racket and that is why I recommend HEAD every time.”

At the end of 2020 Jansher was installed as head coach at the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Sports Directorate in his native Pakistan and as he revealed he is a man on a mission of national importance: “I am trying my best and it is my greatest wish to help find and create another Pakistani world champion.” In Pakistan squash ruled for 40-50 years and we made all kinds of records that have never been broken.

“Now it is 22 years since I retired, and nobody has broken my records or followed in my footsteps and it would be great for Pakistan and for me if I can find our next great champion. That is what I am working towards now.”

“It will take time to bring the next great Pakistani champion through as we are starting from under-13, 15 and 17 but I have confidence in myself and my coaching team to develop and progress our players.”

“I would hope that in around four to five years we will once again have Pakistani players in the top 20 of the PSA rankings. That is our target. But it won’t be easy as we are coming from nothing with just three Pakistani players in the top 100.”

All we are delighted to say, with a little help from Jansher’s old friends at HEAD.