With its new Graphene 360 Speed racquet series HEAD presents a silo engineered to provide the perfect combination of power and control for the fast-paced game of players everywhere. Recommended by Novak Djokovic and Alexander Zverev, the Speed racquets have undergone serious updates inside and out: in addition to a completely new design, the silo now features the new Graphene 360 technology that allows players to truly maximize the power of their game.

The Speed racquet series scores big on the inside with a new frame entirely engineered towards speed and stable power and the new Graphene 360 technology. Strategically positioned in the head as well as the shaft of the racquet, it strengthens the frame, thus providing greater stability and optimized energy transfer for more power.

On the outside, the new design identity of the Speed series turns heads with its rather bold asymmetric black and white color blocking as well as unique see-through carbon fibres that give the racquets a dazzling depth effect. The design’s love for detail also comes to life in the distinct logo execution on the inside of the frame as well as a special textured bumper execution and subtle color tweaks among the different models of the series. The new design also makes an appearance in the Speed bag collection for a perfectly matching court appearance.

The launch of HEAD’s new Graphene 360 Speed racquet series will be accompanied by a special social media campaign that will invite tennis fans everywhere to experience the Speed silo and find out how they can maximize the power of their game.

Available in five different models (PRO, MP, S, LITE and MP Lite) to suit every individual playing style and preference, the Graphene 360 Speed series is available at selected retailers for exclusive testing opportunities as of June 15 and available in stores everywhere as of July 20.