HEAD Swimming - Bianchi

Ilaria Bianchi


A young talent for Italian swimming, Ilaria Bianchi won, aged 16, the Junior World Championships in that which will always remain her specialty, the 100m butterfly.

Bolognese, born 1990, Ilaria took part in the Beijing Olympics in 2008 where she broke an Italian record in the heats, 58.12, with 7th place overall. After the Chinese Olympics followed 4 years of great change, at the end of which Ilaria joined her current team, Azzura ’91. At London 2012 Bianchi continued where she left off in Beijing, this time reaching the final and finishing in 5th place overall with a new national record of 57.27.

  Her consecration however arrived a few months later, first with a victory at the European Championships in Chartes, then with a gold medal at the World Championships in Istanbul. In the World Championships in Barcelona Bianchi arrived in 6th place in the butterfly but, once again, the athlete from Azzura ’91 claimed victory in the 50m, and a gold medal a few days later in the second stage of the World Cup in Berlin.


In a swimming world which is becoming more star-filled, Ilaria Bianchi distinguishes herself for her straightforward character and her modest behavior. Despite training in Bologna, Ilaria continues to live in the town of Castel San Pietro Terme where she has lived since childhood. Outside of the pool Ilaria is a car enthusiast.

Ilaria Bianchi became part of Team HEAD Swimming in June 2013 with an agreement which will last until the Olympic Games in Rio, 2016. 



    • 2016
    • European Championship, London - Bronze medal on 100m butterfly
    • 2016
    • European Championship, London - Silver medal on 4 x 100m medley
    • 2016
    • European Championship, London - Silver medal on 4 x 100m mix medley
    • 2014
    • European Championship Berlin 3° - 100m butterfly
    • 2012
    • European Championship Chartres 1° - 100m farfalla, European Championship Debrecen 2° - 4x100 mista, World Championship Istanbul 1° - 100m farfalla
    • 2012
    • European Championship Debrecen 2° - 4x100 mista
    • 2012
    • World Championship Istanbul 1° - 100m farfalla
    • 2011
    • European Championship Szczecin 3° - 100m farfalla

Her competition costume