HEAD Penn Racquet Sports announced today that PENN, the #1 selling racquetball in the world, has been named the “Official Ball” of the LPRT. A multi-year deal was signed which included an extension of HEAD as an official Tour Partner.

“We could not be happier to add the LPRT to our marketing portfolio of key Official Ball designations,” stated Ben Simons, Senior Business Manager for Indoor Court Sports. “The ladies pro tour has exploded in popularity in the US and throughout Central and South America. These elite athletes have taken the women’s pro game to new heights with a level of player never before seen in Women’s racquetball,” Simons went on to explain.

The LPRT will kick off their season using the Pro Penn Green racquetball, also the Official Ball of USA Racquetball and the International Racquetball Federation. However, top LPRT professionals are working with PENN engineers to soon launch a new state of the art racquetball that will bring unmatched visibility and playability for players of all levels.

“It is an exciting time for the LPRT with a record number of events scheduled for the 2016-2017 season,” stated Andy Kulback, LPRT Commissioner. “As we move the tour forward, it was time for our players to play with the #1 ball in the game—Penn!” LPRT President T.J. Baumbaugh said, “The LPRT is excited to expand its relationship with HEAD Penn. HEAD Penn has been a strong supporter of the LPRT and women’s racquetball and we are looking forward to this new chapter in the relationship.”

HEAD Penn’s Paola Longoria, the #1 ranked player in the world, released the following statement in support of the partnership: “I am so excited to have PENN as the new Official Ball of the LPRT. We can now play with the same brand on Tour, at the US OPEN, and in all major international IRF events. I have always played my best when using a PENN ball!”

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