Head swimming athlets

Jessica Steiger

  • NATIONALITY: Germany
  • RESIDENCE: Gladbeck
  • BORN: 1992-05-24
  • HEIGHT: 172


One of the best breaststrokers in Germany. Especially 200m breaststroke.

Since 2008 in nearly all strokes in the "Top 10" in Germany


Youth: 9x National Champion, 8x vice-champion,

recordholder 200m breaststroke in age-group of 14 years olds

Adult: 3-times National Champion 2016 (100m, 200m breaststroke sc and lc) , 3-times vice-champion,

Semifinal 200m Breaststroke European Championships London 2016,

Finalist at Fina World Cup Berlin 2016 (4. Place 200m breaststroke)