Footwork Drills

HEAD is the tennis expert. Here, we show you the best tennis footwork drills allowing everyone - from beginners to advanced players - to train like a pro. Both kids and adults can use these tennis drills to improve their cardio, agility and consistency. Build your tennis skills from the baseline to volleys on the net with these exercises - and serve your tennis game by improving your forehand and backhand.

Drill 01 – Offensive Transition

Train the transition from defense to offense. This intermediate tennis footwork drill helps you to improve your footwork during baseline rallies and shows you how to initiate an offensive net attack and win the point with a volley. 

Drill 02 – Random Feed

Test your reaction speed and improve your agility on the court for forehand and backhand shots. The areas to focus on during this cardio tennis drill are your anticipation, balance and positioning while being under pressure.

DRILL 03 - Net coverage

The success of your volley game depends on your footwork. This drill helps improve your quick attack and volley skills to create chances to finish with a smash – effective for your singles' and your doubles game.

DRILL 04 - Baseline Coverage

DRILL 05 - X-Drill

DRILL 06 - Forehand attack