HEAD Snowboard - Framewall

Framewall is multifaceted, as it adds stiffness and control to your board

the FRAMEWALL is the latest innovation from the HEAD intelligence loop. Making the product better, HEAD's engineers and pro riders were seeking for a solution to address the issue of unbalanced distribution of edge pressure.

The patented FRAMEWALL provides the answer: it's the first circular three-dimensional sidewall on a snowboard distributing rider's pressure on the edge uniformly. Hence riders can put more pressure on the snowboard's edge while needing less strength due to a more effective power distribution. Head's FRAMEWALL is also improving the snowboard's torsional performance. The added stiffness increases board control and lowers vibrations when riding fast.

The new FRAMEWALL technology makes boards longer lasting due to the fact that the snowboard's top sheet is being protected from delamination based on the three-dimensional build.

The Framewall makes your ride smoother, more controlled and most important, more fun! Let's face it: It's the best thing since bread came sliced!

HEAD Snowboard - Framewall Power

Even Power distribution

comparing to traditional sidewall constructions, the unique framewall evenly distributes applied edge pressure from tip to tail, while eliminating pressure peaks beneath the binding areas. Better power distribution along the edges results in more balanced turns and improved edge grip without needing to invest higher efforts in riding.

HEAD Snowboard - Framewall Micro-suspension


While sidewalls are covered and therefore stiffened by different kind of laminates top and bottom, our all new FRAMEwall is wider and only partly overlapping with the top layers of the board construction.. Hence, the Framewall's exposed top edges can flex more freely to the upside with the effect that disturbing vibrations and micro-shocks get filtered and levelled out.