Mauri Andrini, head of Hello Padel, will continue to represent HEAD internationally while further promoting padel through his English platform

HEAD firmly believes in the importance of spreading the popularity of padel abroad. For that reason, two years ago, they teamed up with Mauri Andrini, a padel player based in London with big international potential. This relationship has been solidified by the renewal of Andrini’s contract until 2018.

Andrini, the United Kingdom’s current number one, and official coach of the British team, began his project HELLO PADEL, “The first complete English speaking padel experience” with the idea of promoting the growth of padel in countries where the English language has a strong presence. And that’s exactly what he’s done, boarding 68 planes in the last 10 months. Our “padel globetrotter” has visited Sweden, Denmark, Jersey Island, Greece, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Romania, Dubai, England, Austria, Mexico and Argentina, and there’s no sign of him stopping there.

Aside from representing HEAD in various European competitions, Mauri Andrini promotes padel through the Hello Padel social network pages, to keep fans around the globe up to date on everything that’s happening with this exciting sport, and also through the Hello Padel Academy.

What is the Hello Padel Academy all about? Mauri travels to different countries where he gives classes, workshops and training courses to instructors and advanced players. All of this takes place entirely in English, a language understood worldwide, providing endless possibilities for the expansion of this platform. We will also be able to enjoy Hello Padel Academy ONLINE, which, for the first time in the history of padel, will offer coaching videos in English. This way, all those who don’t understand Spanish will be able to learn the techniques and tactics of the sport.

In fact, thanks to his superior command of the language and his knowledge of the sport and its players, he has become the English-speaking commentator for the World Padel Tour, where he also competes whenever he has the opportunity.

HEAD and Mauri are determined for the growth of padel to continue, and will be constantly on the lookout for ways to expand its horizons, assisting any club that wants to enjoy this exciting racket sport.

At any rate, it doesn’t stop there, as Hello Padel will be bringing us more news in 2017 - we’ll have to stay tuned!