Bela and Alejandra, who currently tops the World Padel Tour rankings, emerged victorious at the HP Xcam Sevilla Open 2016

Long standing world champion Fernando Belasteguín is now joined by his HEAD colleague Alejandra Salazar, who claimed the top spot in the women's World Padel Tour rankings.

Alejandra Salazar has reached the heights of international padel before. Nevertheless, it is a huge pleasure to announce that our #HEADPadelRebel player has won the HP Xcam Sevilla Open 2016 reclaim the number one spot in the WPT rankings alongside her partner Marta Marrero.

The two players embarked on a new professional adventure at the beginning of last year, multiplying their wins at an astonishing rate ever since. So much so that Alejandra and Marta were able to defeat the twins Mapi and Majo Sánchez Alayeto and take first place in worldwide padel.

The record of the now legendary Alejandra Salazar, who endorses the Delta Motion racquet, is spectacular: number one with Carolina Navarro throughout 2009, seven-time champion of the Spain Absolute Championship (including four consecutive wins), and winner of the Madrid Masters in 2009, 2013 and 2015.

"I'm very happy to be number one, but it's still a very level playing field, no one is giving anything away, and the fight goes on, because there are tournaments left to play and points at stake. We can still grow and improve a lot as a pair," stated the new women's champion.

When it comes to Bela, no one comes close to matching his record. The 14-time world champion is pressing ahead and holding on to the top spot. He recently won his 200th final in Valladolid out of a total of 250 finals played, which was big news. With yesterday's victory at the HP Xcam Sevilla Open 2016, he adds yet another final to his record. By the end of this year, Bela could once again be number one and celebrate a 15-year reign as 'the king'.

Congratulations to our #HEADPadelRebels!