Seriously sophisticated freeride

Introducing a story of innovation in design, lightness and strength. Freeride, it’s all about that unique experience of pure, freshly fallen powder. Take away what you don’t need, refine and enhance what remains for a pure freeride experience, to the KORE.

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Equipment for the days you dream about

What does it feel like to experience the most technically sophisticated freeride ski we’ve ever made? Check it out, here.


It comes from the revolutionary construction, combining innovative materials like Graphene, Koroyd and Karuba with a unique topless-tech top sheet, resulting in our lightest ever freeride ski.


The Graphene fused tip and tail reduces and redistributes the weight throughout the ski. The thinner profile enhances flotation in soft snow and maximises manoeuvrability.


Shock absorbing Koroyd gives the skier precise control in variable terrain, providing strong torsional stiffness and great stability.

Technically advanced freeride skis

The KORE range utilises only what is necessary to deliver superb performance. There’s a KORE for any terrain, find yours here.



Koroyd TechnologyKoroyd Technology


This is a honeycomb-shaped material at the heart of KORE. It’s super-light and incredibly elastic. It’s strong, flexible and it makes KORE quite special in the ski world.

Karuba TechnologyKaruba Technology


The karuba wood core is what gives the ski it’s pop and personality. It’s the perfect ratio of density and weight.


It’s the strongest, lightest material known to humankind. We fuse it into the KORE’s tip and tail to make it lighter and more responsive in deep snow.

Key features

I ski the Kore on everything from the deepest backcountry days, to tracked out runs at the resort. You say jump, the ski says, 'how high?"

Sam Kuch
HEAD Freeride Athlete

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Winter Collection

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