MXM Technology collection38


Intense matches and hard training sessions demand a lot from tennis clothing. Therefore, we have integrated the MXM Technology into all the below styles. Active climate management and quick-drying materials will give you the best support during play. These high-performing microfibers move sweat to the surface of the material where it can be efficiently removed. This brings a cooling effect and allows for the material to dry quickly. MXM is at its most effective when worn directly on the skin, the fibers offer their best drying properties.

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  1. DAVIES Polo Shirt Men
  2. CLUB Bermudas Men
  3. Pro Player Bandana
  5. TENLEY Tank Top Women
  6. ROBIN Shorts Women
  7. ROBIN Skort Women
  8. PERF Dress Women
  9. DAVIES T-Shirt Men
  10. PERF Polo II Shirt Men
  11. POWER Shorts Men
  12. PERF T-Shirt Men
  13. CLUB Shorts Men
  14. CLUB Tech Polo Shirt M
  15. CLUB Tech T-Shirt M
  16. CLUB Tech Polo Shirt W
  17. CLUB Tech T-Shirt W
  18. CLUB Shorts Women
  19. CLUB Basic Skort Women
  20. CLUB Dress W
  21. PERF T-Shirt Women
  22. CLUB Tank Top W
  23. Pro Player Womens Visor Waterlilly
  24. BRIO Bra Women
  25. PERF 3/4 Tights Women
  26. PERF Tank Top Women
  27. PERF Skort Women
  28. PERF Polo II Shirt W
  29. SAMMY T-Shirt Women
  30. DAVIES T-Shirt Boys
  31. CLUB Tech T-Shirt B
  32. CLUB Bermudas Boys
  33. CLUB Tech Polo Shirt B
  34. STRIKER T-Shirt Boys
  35. CLUB Tech Polo Shirt G
  36. CLUB Basic Skort Girls
  37. SAMMY T-Shirt Girls
  38. CLUB Tank Top G