General FAQs

How do I become an authorized retailer?

Related inquiries can be sent to service@head.com

Please include, your contact Name, Phone number, Store location (City/Province).

How do I register my new product?

Many of Our Snowboards do carry a limited warranty and your sales receipt from an authorized retailer will serve as your “Product Registration”.

In the event that a warranty claim is needed we’ll request a copy of that receipt when the claim is submitted.

I love your brand. Can you send stickers?

Please send a self-addressed (stamped envelope) to:

HEAD Canada

Attn: CS – Sticker Request

935A Southgate Dr, Unit 4

Guelph (Ontario) N1L 0B9

I have a problem with my licensed product, can you help?

Some HEAD Branded products are produced and distributed domestically by one of our licensed partners.

If you have questions about a licensed product our partners can be contacted directly.

Please follow this link: https://www.head.com/en_CA/corporate/licensed-productsto find contact information for all of our licensed partners.

My Head product is defective, how do I return it?


Send photos of the product, your order number and an explanation of the problem to service@shop.head.com and we will take care of your claim as quickly as possible.



Please contact the retailer directly, as they are responsible for all after sales service. If possible, provide your receipt of purchase.
If the retailer is far from you, any of our retailers can deal with your claim. You can find a list of our shops at https://www.head.com/en-CA/store-locator/.
If you purchased our products through an online retailer, please contact them through the service portal / address on their website.

I would like to enter into a sponsoring contract with you. What are the requirements?

Please send us your application to service@head.com and we will forward it to the responsible person. We also require the following personal information:


- First and last name
- Age
- Nationality (and address if different from nationality)
- Ranking
- Social media presence (Facebook / Instagram Name)


- First and last name
- Age
- Nationality (and address if different from nationality)
- Ranking
- Social media presence (Facebook / Instagram Name)


- First and last name
- Age
- Nationality (and address if different from nationality)
- Contest results
- Ranking
- Discipline (Halfpipe, Big Air, Slopestyle)
- Social media presence (Facebook / Instagram Name)

Under 18? Please go to https://www.head.com/futureheads/ , fill out the form and become our next Futurehead!

Racquet Sports FAQs

Do you have stringing instructions for my new tennis racquet?

Yes. We provide specific stringing instructions for our performance tennis racquets.

Instructions are found under the “Stringing Instructions” section on each of our Tennis Racquet pages, which you can conveniently download as a PDF.

What grip size do I need for my new tennis racquet?

Do you have spare parts for my product? How can I purchase a replacement part?

We carry a wide selection of grips and strings that you can easily purchase on our website.

To shop grips for your racquet use this link: https://www.head.com/tennis/grips.html

To shop strings for your racquet use this link: https://www.head.com/tennis/strings.html

How often should I restring my racquet?

The simple answer is that you should restring your racquet as many times per year as you play per week.

For a more detailed explanation on restringing your racquet please read this helpful article.

Winter Sports FAQs

Which ski size is right for me?

Please visit our Ski Size & Buying Guide page to get a detailed explanation.

Do you have spare parts for my product? How can I purchase a replacement part?

We carry a wide variety of replacement parts that can help get you back on the mountain… Any of our authorized retailer partners will be able to assist with the purchase of compatible parts. Visit the link below to find a dealer near you. We can assist with narrowing down the right part for your product. Simply send a picture of your product to service@head.com and we will reply with the item number that will need to be ordered or further instruction.


How do I maintain and care for my skis at the end of the season?

Even if not being used, skis are still subject to environmental influences (air humidity, UV rays). That’s why it’s important to maintain your skis in the off-season.

First off, make sure your HEAD skis are completely dry. Clean them with an appropriate cleaner (wax remover). Small damages in the ski surface should be repaired using a repair candle before storing your skis.

Rusty spots on the edges should be removed to avoid rust spreading further.

Afterwards the skis should be waxed with a hot basic wax. Be sure to apply a light layer of wax on the ski edges as well. This will help prevent new rust from occurring.

Skis should be stored in a dry place at a constant temperature. You can safely store your skis laying down or standing up, but not on the base.

What is the right brake width for my skis?

To make the Brake–binding identification as easy as possible, we are using a color coding system. In addition to the standard product labels of the spare Brakes, a color-letter code is affixed on the Brake boxes (single and master packaging). All bindings packaged without Brakes will come with a similar sticker. Example For a binding with a red sticker [A], will pair with a Brake that is marked with a red sticker [A] in the proper width. The segmentation and color coding system can be found below. The nomenclature of all HEAD/TYROLIA Brakes is standardized and includes all basic information. This nomenclature consists of a clear name, a number that defines the maximum ski width at the mounting point and a letter that specifies the Brake cluster.

Do you offer a warranty for skis or snowboards?

Warranty: HEAD manufactures premium quality equipment. In the rare case that a manufacturing defect is present, HEAD will repair or replace the defective item with the same (or a similar) model for the original purchaser. Problems resulting from (but not limited to) misuse and impact damage (from rocks, gates, boxes, rails, concrete floors, etc.) will not be covered. Damage from improperly mounted bindings will not be covered. Proof of purchase from a HEAD CA authorized dealer or an invoice from HEAD CA is required.

Warranty information Warranty period
Race skis, race boots, race bindings, all helmets and all luggage. One year
All non-racing retail and rental products, including alpine skis, boots and bindings, as well as snowboard boards, boots and bindings. Two years