The long-awaited Gamma Series, endorsed by professional players Arturo Coello and Edu Alonso, has arrived.

Versatility, innovation and design are key elements that make a strong performance racquet. With this in mind, HEAD has developed a new version of the popular Graphene 360+ Gamma Pro and Graphene 360+ Gamma Motion models, which are now equipped with Graphene 360+ technology. Under the slogan, "Play your own Game", its unmistakable geometric design and new technology make the HEAD Gamma Series extremely unique. The new improved Graphene 360+ technology provides optimized energy transfer and stability that Graphene offered along with greater flexibility and a clean impact feel.

Graphene 360+ Gamma Pro

The Gamma Pro racquet is extreme, unique and innovative and is the racquet trusted by top athletes Arturo Coello and Edu Alonso. Now in a striking flip design with black, yellow and teal graphics, its geometric shape has been carefully designed down to the smallest detail by our engineers with the new Graphene 360+ technology.

Coello has reached several semifinals of the World Padel Tour wielding this weapon, and is quickly becoming a threat to his biggest adversaries. Arturo has an extremely positive opinion of the racquet: "I have been playing with the Gamma Pro since I joined the HEAD team three years ago and I love it for its versatility and design. I think it’s very bold and eye-catching." He also adds, "My game is also like that in reality: triumphant, bold and tenacious, and this new Gamma Pro 2021 is a reflection of this same innovative and competitive spirit."

Graphene 360+ Gamma Motion

Start getting noticed with the Gamma Motion racquet used by World Padel Tour players Andrea Pérez and Carla Serrano. This racquet comes in black, purple and turquoise and features a geometric design that has been carefully designed down to the smallest detail by our engineers which, along with Graphene 360+, is put in a class of its own. Its comfort, its power under control and its different design on each side make this racquet truly stand out. 

If your game is as innovative as you are; if you think that being different is the norm; and if to you, the only constant in life is change, the new Gamma racquets are for you. Arturo Coello and Edu Alonso have already made it their weapon of choice, as have other top #TeamHEAD paddle players such as Íker del Valle, Alfonso Sánchez, Andrea Pérez and Carla Serrano. Now you can also stand out and win with a special edge.

Break the mold and join the Gamma family.