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Expert Reviews of the HEAD SPEED 2024

There’s “a beautiful feel”, according to one expert reviewer, when you hit the ball in the sweetspot of the new SPEED 2024 tennis racquet. Another expert said after their playtest that the SPEED will continue being a bestseller for HEAD as “it suits everyone”.

With the introduction of new Auxetic 2.0 technology, the upgraded SPEED series – which is endorsed by Italian star Jannik Sinner - lets you play fast while enjoying a sensational, softer and more comfortable feeling. The super-accurate feedback in real-time creates a unity between you and your racquet, which is the true art of speed. For a premium look and feel, the SPEED 2024 series has a new, contemporary design with a special surface coating from a Swiss lacquer supplier that is luxuriously soft to the touch.

Reviews of the SPEED 2024 series:

The SPEED 2024 series has “more of a plush feel at contact”, according to The Tennis Mentor reviewer. The addition of Auxetic 2.0 technology means that you have “a beautiful feel when you the hit the ball on the sweetspot”. While the reviewer has always loved the SPEED series, he adores the racquets even more after this upgrade. He tends to play with a dampener in his strings. He didn’t when testing these racquets and didn’t even notice, an indication of how the Auxetic 2.0 technology has enhanced the feel.

The Tennis Mentor expert reviewed the SPEED series at HEAD’s Austrian HQ, including using data from Trackman, which allowed him to compare his performance with each of the racquets. “I love these racquets as you pretty much get a bit of everything – control, power, speed and comfort. If you’re a player looking to switch racquets, or to get your first racquet, and don’t know where to start, I always advise demoing a SPEED. This is going to give you a really good starting point,” said the reviewer, who observed that the special coating means the racquets are “velvety” to the touch.

The Tennis Express reviewer praised the new design of the SPEED series: “These racquets have a really nice new finish, with a soft matte finish. Really soft to the touch and really nice-looking racquets.”

Reviews of the SPEED 2024 PRO:

“From the very first hit, I loved the feel of this racquet,” said the reviewer for the Tennis Warehouse. “This racquet feels so solid to me. I felt super-connected to the ball, maybe a bit of a slightly muted feel. For me, that all came together perfectly. I loved drilling with this racquet. I felt very precise with my groundstrokes and also felt dialled in at the net and felt like I could hit my targets really well.” The Auxetic 2.0 technology “optimises feel at contact and helps keeps the racquet stable”. The updated racquet “remains one of our favourite precise weapons on the market”.

Another reviewer for the Tennis Warehouse said it was “a really nice update”: “If you like the [previous] SPEED PRO, you’re going to love this one too.” A third expert from the Tennis Warehouse noted: “When I think of well-balanced racquets, there are a few that come to mind. However, this new 2024 evolution of the SPEED PRO might be top of the heap. I’m just so impressed with the way this racquet was put together.”

The reviewer for Tennis Express said the SPEED 2024 PRO is “very comfortable on the arm”. “It’s probably the most usable pro model out there. With the Auxetic 2.0 technology, the idea is greater, refined feel and feedback when the ball contacts the strings. A very nice frame from HEAD,” the reviewer added.

 Reviews of the SPEED 2024 MP:

“This racquet is a bestseller for a reason as it suits many types of players,” said the reviewer for Tennis Nerd. “This is for sure a good racquet and will stay as a bestseller. It’s a good stick for baseliners, for guys and girls who play like Jannik Sinner and want to control from the baseline. But you can also be an all-court player. It kind of suits everyone this racquet.”  The reviewer said “you will definitely notice” the Auxetic 2.0 technology. “The Auxetic 2.0 technology makes a big difference as the racquet feels more dampened, a little bit more solid and the sweetspot feels more generous.”

The Tennis Express expert described the SPEED 2024 MP asprobably the most well-rounded in the franchise” and “a little bit more spin-friendly and a little bit crisper than the SPEED PRO”.

Reviews of the SPEED 2024 MP L:

“The SPEED MP L really surprised me. It felt incredible,” said the reviewer for The Tennis Mentor. The reviewer for Tennis Express also recommended the SPEED 2024 MP L: “If you’re a junior and you like the MP, but it might be a little bit too [heavy] for you, the MP L is a great option.”  

 Reviews of the SPEED 2024 TEAM:

“The racquet is super-forgiving and opens up the franchise to different ability levels, even down to the beginner level,” said the reviewer for Tennis Express. The expert from The Tennis Mentor also enjoyed playtesting the SPEED 2024 TEAM: “If you’re a player with a slower swing or maybe a good level performance junior player, and you want to give the SPEED line a go, then look at the TEAM and the MP L as they’re great racquets.”

You’ve read the (glowing) reviews: now it’s time to experience the art of speed for yourself. With the SPEED 2024, you get that winning feeling faster.

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