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A Tennis Racquet To Die For? Welcome To The Insane World Of Prestige.

The HEAD PRESTIGE is not like other tennis racquets. In the wrong hands, it’s challenging and unforgiving. But, in the right hands, it’s literally a game changer. It has unbeatable accuracy and feel. For an opponent, it’s really difficult to beat. To many, it’s the most famous racquet in the world and avid collectors all over the globe would kill to have their very own PRESTIGE.

The PRESTIGE line has a rich history dating back to the 1980s. Back then, it was the weapon of choice for legendary players like Andre Agassi and Thomas Muster. Emilio Sanchez won a room full of trophies and awards with his, although as Emilio admits, it took a while to get used to. Goran Ivanisevic even managed to win a slam as a wild card thanks to his PRESTIGE. The fact is, if you can master it, you’re going to master every game. Winning is in it’s dna. No wonder collectors crave it.

PRESTIGE has a timeless design with the traditional red and black color scheme, along with the iconic PRESTIGE logo. The racquet has a smaller head size and a dense string pattern, which makes it less forgiving but provides extraordinary control and feel. When it comes to ball placement, this racquet is the daddy.

It’s hardly a surprise that over the years a community of enthusiasts has formed. They share a real passion for the racquet and often engage in long discussions about everything ranging from their experience playing with it, to details such as modifications and rare and vintage models. Collectors set aside safe spaces to store their valuable racquets including saferooms. Fans hang their PRESTIGE on the wall like precious works of art. Devotees would not dream of putting their precious racquet in the hold of an aircraft, it’s carried on board with them.

For some people it’s the classic sports car, for others, a precious iteration of a violin or a piano. For our loyal fans all over the globe it’s a simple frame with a small head in a distinct red and black livery, densely strung and revered as much as it is feared. Welcome to the mad, mad world of PRESTIGE.

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