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Superlight board for freeride, carving, or simply cruising – ride with the speed of light! This board is packed with innovative technology, designed for riders with high demands. Despite the light weight, the KIZAMU is a rocket - both on slopes and off-piste.

HEAD Radar helmet – right viewHEAD Radar helmet – right view


Lighter products help to you to enjoy yourself longer on snow. By focusing on the essentials, we are able to provide you with gear, which is extraordinary in terms of performance and design. Innovative engineering, paired with high-end components make for products that make you outperform!


This unique hybrid camber profile takes the best of both worlds: the grip and power of a camber construction meets the smoothness and float of a rocker construction. Hammer those carving turns and float down the steep and deep.

kizamu superlight architecturekizamu superlight architecture


Only state-of-the-art ingredients are used for this superlight board construction. Despite the low weight, this board offers unseen power and performance. Stronger and lighter than ever, you will experience a whole new level of riding.

pyramid symbol Carbon

Known from high-end engineering, carbon sheets provide the strength and pop needed while being amongst the world’s lightest materials.

pyramid symbol Hexagonal core

A honeycomb material used for lightweight constructions. Weight reduction without the loss of performance.

pyramid symbol Fiberglass

Fiberglass is used to make the boards flexible and responsive, It adds pop and agility.

pyramid symbol Balsa core

For this board, we developed a whole new core, made from the lightest wood we found.

pyramid symbol Graphene

The strongest and lightest material known to mankind is what we use to zonally reinforce our board construction.

pyramid symbol Sintered base

Only the fastest base is good enough for this high-end construction. Ride at the speed of light!

polygon mountain design


When striving to be the best in class, innovation does not stop with engineering. The design is an essential part of the process, breathing life into all ingredients and features by bringing them into perfect form.



Fly down the corduroy of a freshly groomed slope.


All Mountain

From carving to cruising – smooth and fast in all conditions



Float down the steep and deep after hiking up to the perfect spot.