The HEAD 360° performance platform is an integrated approach ensuring our performance apparel is designed to respond to the wearers needs.


Still ergonomic even in high performance.

HEAD Ergo Fit Technology LogoHEAD Ergo Fit Technology Logo

Providing the perfect fit for the intended usage.

HEAD Ergo Fit TechnologyHEAD Ergo Fit Technology

Ergonomically engineered & tailord, providing perfect fit for intended end use and look.

HEAD Ergo Stretch Technology LogoHEAD Ergo Stretch Technology Logo

Supporting perfect fit and mobility.

HEAD Ergo Stretch TechnologyHEAD Ergo Stretch Technology

Using only durable ERGOstretch® materials, knits & elastic wovens supporting perfect fit and mobility.

HEAD Ergo Feature Technology LogoHEAD Ergo Feature Technology Logo

Enhancing intutive ease of use.

HEAD Ergo Feature TechnologyHEAD Ergo Feature Technology

Functional and intuitive features enhancing the ease of use.

Comfort Management


Outer Impacts: Rain, Snow, Wind
Innter Impacts: Sweat, Transpiration

HEAD Exo Pro Technology LogoHEAD Exo Pro Technology Logo

Membran made of 100 % PES delivering a water column of 20,000 mm / 20,000 g/m2/24h breathability (MVTR).

HEAD Exo Activ Technology LogoHEAD Exo Activ Technology Logo

Delibering a water column of 10,000 mm / 10,000/m2/24h breathability (MVTR).

HEAD Exo Activ TechnologyHEAD Exo Activ Technology

Membran is made of 100 % PES.

HEAD Exo Base Technology LogoHEAD Exo Base Technology Logo

Waterproof & breathable base protection with windstopper - just to keep you dry and warm in normal sport competitions.


Low temperatures or/and less activity (e.g. sport pause) make the need of a warm, softness and comfortable garment.

With further function like
Breathability for a better transpiration
Packability for take away and using or while being active (for not cooling down)

Key Features
Warm as 650 fill-down
Water resistant

HEAD Endo Down Technology LogoHEAD Endo Down Technology Logo

ENDOdown representing a 90/10 insulation using 90%high quality down and 10% feathers.

HEAD Endo Cool Technology LogoHEAD Endo Cool Technology Logo

Polyester insulation, trapping air and creating warmth without reducing breathabilty and moisture managment.

HEAD Endo Therm Technology LogoHEAD Endo Therm Technology Logo

Cooling dot print located on the fabric inside accelerating the wicking process, providing an instant and prolonged cooling effect.

Pro Engineering

HEAD Modern Manufacturing Technologies LogoHEAD Modern Manufacturing Technologies Logo

Modern Manufacturing Technologies

HEAD Modern Manufacturing TechnologiesHEAD Modern Manufacturing Technologies

Modern Manufacturing Technologies:
cutting, bonding, welding, glueing

HEAD Advanced Material & Product Technologies LogoHEAD Advanced Material & Product Technologies Logo

Advanced Material & Product Technologies

Innovation pool for new technologies