The Summer '23 collection from HEAD Sportswear is fresh, modern and versatile. The classic Performance Tennis Line is the heart of the collection. Innovative materials, sophisticated features and a sporty look define the DNA of the Performance Styles. The off-court line moves stylishly between the court, the gym and the city with a fashionable organic cotton range. After the successful launch of the Padel Line in Summer '22, this collection was expanded and boasts fashionable cuts and sporty blends. An absolute novelty in Summer '23 is the Athleisure collection, which brings HEAD sportswear to the city with a new image featuring hip designs and silhouettes.


Colours and materials:

The colours white, navy, dark blue and black form the basis of these lines. These are combined with fashionable shades ranging from bright coral and pool blue to pastel greens and yellows to vibrant berry and orange tones. A light beige and grey round off the trendy colour palette.

All tech styles in the Performance, Club and Padel lines feature HEAD’s proprietary MXM (Moisture Transfer Microfibre) technology. Thanks to microfibres, perspiration is transported to the material's surface. There, it can evaporate effectively, providing a cooling effect and ensuring that the material dries quickly. Insulated styles are lined with PrimaLoft®, which complies with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 standard. Cotton styles made from organic cotton are new for Summer ‘23.



The Performance Line is the essence of tennis. Styles made for every match, no matter how demanding, designed to shine on the court. The colour concept was partly adapted to match the designs of the new tennis rackets, so that outfits in fresh pool blue can be perfectly combined with the Boom Racket and in light shades of green with the Extreme Racket.

In the women's collection, tennis dresses combine playful pleating with a sporty racerback top. Tights not only deliver a fashion highlight with Powermesh inserts, but also provide extra high breathability. Combine them with a slightly boxy half-zip T-shirt for a modern look that's not only at home on the tennis court. Fresh pastel green, turquoise and berry tones are featured, sometimes in one colour, and sometimes as a colour block or summery palm leaf print.

The men's range combines orange with purple or different shades of blue in trendy zigzag and fade-out patterns. Customised designs were developed for the Grand Slam tournaments in Melbourne, Paris and New York, providing a colour contrast to the respective surfaces. HEAD Sportswear pro Marin Cilic will play his matches at the Grand Slams wearing these shirts. High-performance materials, such as MXM and Jacquard Knit inserts, ensure a pleasant body temperature and unique wearing comfort.



The boundaries between sport and lifestyle are blurred in the newly defined off-court line. It features a versatile, colourful organic cotton range that scores points for its unique comfort and casual style. Hoodies, jumpers, jogger pants and shorts characterise the look, which is equally at home on the court or in the city. Decorative details such as eye-catching eyelets, wide cords with beautiful tip ends or open edges on short-sleeved hoodies underline the organic cotton styles' high quality - Made in Europe. The cuts are casual and offer classic women's and men's silhouettes as well as selected unisex styles. Seamless long-sleeved shirts and tights underline the line's sporty look, while lightly lined waistcoats and jackets with taped seams offer warmth and protection against moisture.



The Club Line's three-year range forms the basis of the HEAD sportswear collection pyramid with classic essential styles. This line is redesigned every three years and is available during this period with no changes. The women's line features feminine cuts and designs. Shirts with colour-contrasting inserts on the shoulders or track jackets with retro-inspired V-patterns define the club look for women. For men, large colour blocks and coloured accents on the shirt sleeves emphasise their sporty style. The key colours black, white, red, blue and navy always remain unchanged, allowing the combination of different seasonal styles and ensuring maximum flexibility when putting together outfits over the years. In addition, the NOS (Never Out of Stock) programme offers selected styles in white, red, dark blue and black, which are always available.



Padel is taking the world by storm. It's fast, dynamic and a great team sport. The new Padel Line precisely captures this spirit with bright colours, lightweight materials and special print techniques. Colour blocks and blends define the modern style. The women's line combines a warm coral hue with ice blue and grey. T-shirt dresses or loose crop tops styled with light shorts and skirts create stunning looks that are not only suited for the padel court. For men, a fiery orange combined with light green transfers the energy straight from the padel court to the outfit. Casual tank tops styled with vertical colour blocks and shirts with colourful XL brushstrokes underline the dynamic look. T-shirts and jumpers with the statement “We Are Padel” clearly express the passion for the sport.



The word Athleisure is the combination of the English words "Athletic" and “Leisure Wear” and expresses exactly what the new line from HEAD Sportswear is: Sportswear for everyday life. Seamless leggings and crop tops in dark blue-violet or mint-beige colour combinations cast a feminine silhouette. Elegant shorts and turtleneck tank tops in a lightweight ripstop material with ruffled ends bring out the Athleisure line's playful side. While a short and slightly boxy cut polo shirt version plays with HEAD Sportswear's tennis roots. Light Marlene trousers featuring a decorative bow belt reveal a master of metamorphosis. These can be worn in a classic wide-leg style or with zippers on the leg for a tight fit. For cooler hours, a casual parka with a large hood can be wonderfully combined with all styles. The colour concept of mint, beige, violet and dark blue is adapted to the summer '23 collection making the line a perfect companion to styles from the off-court line.