HEAD Pro Players may play with different racquets than the model shown

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The HEAD Radical Series

Advanced graphene 360 technology all of the energy of your stroke directly into the ball. No wonder the Radical series handles every shot in the game.

New Graphene 360 Technology

Providing greater stability and optimized energy transfer from racquet to ball to maximize your power.

Graphene 360 technology
Well balanced specs

Well balanced specs

The perfect all-round racquet for all player types.

New design identity

Bold colorblocking in the shaft to stand out on court.

New design identity
HEAD Tennis Sensor

HEAD tennis sensor ready

Track and analyse your performances thanks to the HEAD tennis sensor powered by ZEPP.

As low as DKK2,000.00

The RADICAL MP comes with the new Graphene 360 technology as well as a dynamic 16/19 string pattern for enhanced playability and spin. Made for the all-court tour player who needs the perfect combination of power and handling.

Graphene 360 Technology

Graphene 360 forms the structural base of the racquet, strategically positioned in the shaft and extending into the racquet head. It strengthens the frame, providing greater stability and optimized energy transfer from racquet to ball - maximizing the power of your game.

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