IAM Membrane

IAM Membrane (Intelligent Apparel Membrane)

Today, ski wear represents the pinnacle of functional clothing. No other sport alternates so often between intense bursts of action on runs and periods of complete standstill. Not only that, but ambitious skiers will take to the slopes whatever the weather.

From this, we can build a clear requirement profile for the perfect ski wear: wind- & waterproof with the highest level of breathability.

After extensive trials and testing with the existing membranes, the development team at HEAD Sportswear came to the conclusion that while there are many good solutions out there, none 100% fulfill the specific requirements of HEAD Sportswear. With this challenge in mind, we at HEAD Sportswear precisely evaluated the existing solutions. Based on the skier’s requirements we developed our own membrane – the IAM Membrane (Intelligent Apparel Membrane).



The developers concentrated on achieving the perfect combination of elasticity, eliminating restrictions where outer material is concerned, and easy washability.

Not only that, but it reflects warm air inwards and wicks moisture out, maintaining the perfect inner-climate for the wearer. Depending on its intended application, the membrane is manufactured with a water column and breathability factor of 20,000/20,000 or 10,000/10,000.