HEAD presents the new BOOM racquet series, which is easy to play with, offers explosive power and supercharges your feel and confidence. 

This is a truly innovative and game-changing series, the product of intensive research, development and prototype testing. Along with an entirely new head shape, the BOOM is engineered with new Auxetic construction for sensational impact feel, so you do not have to think about anything but enjoying the moment.

From the first time you pick up a BOOM racquet, you will find it easy to play with. Among the innovations used in the series is the unique Morph Beam frame construction, which merges an elongated box beam shaft with a powerful head for the perfect blend of feel and ease on court. Another technology that has been developed specifically for the BOOM racquet is the Uni Pattern, a uniform string pattern which allows for a consistent ball trajectory on every shot for reliable and forgiving play.

Whether you are a casual or an advanced tournament player, there is a racquet in the BOOM series that will suit your game.

The first two racquets in the series - the BOOM PRO and the BOOM MP - will be launched in January 2022. The BOOM PRO is engineered for advanced tournament players who are seeking greater stability and a heavier weight, as well as explosive, exhilarating power. With its blend of power and sublime feel, the BOOM MP is made for a very wide range of players, including ambitious intermediate and advanced players, who are looking to take their tennis to the next level. 

Two more racquets - the BOOM TEAM and the BOOM TEAM L - will be launched in May 2022. With a more forgiving frame for additional playability, the BOOM TEAM is designed for intermediate players. The BOOM TEAM L racquet has a lighter and forgiving frame that is perfect for those who are just learning the game or for intermediate players. 

The new LYNX TOUCH tennis strings are perfect for performance players using the new BOOM series - the co-polyester monofilament strings offer more control and spin with a fast swing and greater touch and power with a slower swing. 



Enjoy explosive, exhilarating power with the new BOOM PRO TENNIS RACQUET, designed for tournament players seeking greater stability and a heavier weight.



Supercharge your power and confidence with the new BOOM MP TENNIS RACQUET, made for ambitious intermediate and advanced players.



The new, fun-loving and explosive BOOM TEAM TENNIS RACQUET is perfect for intermediate players, with its more forgiving frame.



Fun just got more explosive with the new BOOM TEAM L TENNIS RACQUET, with a lighter, more forgiving frame for those new to tennis and intermediate players.