Kore Collection

Kore Collection

The new line for freeriders! 

We worked with HEAD Freeride Pros over several years in development and testing to create our KORE Line, which is based on the design of the successful KORE ski. We have found an important development partner in Blake Marshall, a participant in the Freeride World Tour 2020. Growing up in Queenstown, he hit the skis at the age of three and has been rocking the slopes worldwide ever since. Canadian Ian Morrison was also an important source of inspiration when we launched the KORE Line. Whereas in summer he's out on his bike in the mountains, in winter he's always on the hunt for the perfect snow.  Their huge passion for freeriding and their ambition made them our most rigorous testers of KORE products. They were subjected to the toughest conditions putting even the smallest details through their paces. The result is an innovative Freeride Line that excels with strong features and fine details. Precisely the ones that an ambitious rider really needs.

Here is a small sample of features from our KORE Line:
The men's trousers meet the toughest Freeride requirements thanks to an extended bib and an extra security strap in the breast pocket where you can attach your avalanche transceiver. Jacket pockets have been strategically positioned to make them easier to use. For example, the lift card pocket has been placed on the upper arm for unrestricted freedom of movement, and the chest pocket openings have been positioned to prevent items from falling out accidentally. The hoods are helmet compatible and adjustable in terms of size. Plus, ventilation zips on jackets and trousers ensure you'll keep cool on the most challenging rides.
But, it's best to see for yourself!

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