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We make the equipment, you make history

We live to race. We know there’s no such thing as fast enough. A hundredth of a second is small, but it’s still the difference between winning and losing. So where is the kit that’s going to make the difference between winning and losing? Right here.


Race. All day, every day.

It’s what we were built to do. It’s what our equipment was built to do. Check it out.

Set the pace

Our hero range is RACE. Every product in this range is designed, constructed and finely tuned to do one thing – put you on the podium. Performance is built into every layer and every part of each ski. They are all tuned to a different style of skiing but all have one thing in common – flat out fun.


WorldCup Rebels equipment performs because it’s built to. Developed from space-age materials, the Graphene WC Sandwich Cap Construction is a superb balance of super-light Graphene and titanal layers to provide the agility you need to win.


Our equipment is finely tuned, expertly assembled machinery that puts you right at the heart of the experience. Products you can trust, that put you in total control.

The tools for speed

You get superb performance from everything we make.
It’s part of everything we do, no matter where it is in our product range.


EMC TechnologyEMC Technology


Stands for Energy Management Circuit which reduces negative vibrations so you can fully trust the ski and focus only on your own performance.


It’s the wonder material of our age. Super-light but super-strong, it gives incredible performance properties to the entire WorldCup Rebels ski range.

Worldcup Sandwich cap construction

Built from super-light Graphene and extra titanal layers to give extreme agility and outstanding responsiveness for the ultimate racing performance.

"A ski you can fully trust with more grip on the snow, letting you fully focus on your technique"

Aksel Lund Svindal
Norwegian ski racing legend
Double Olympic champion
One of the most successful Worldcup Rebels of all time


Read more about how Aksel was involved in the development of the new race collection.


The Worldcup Rebels Collection

From superbly designed backpacks to high-performance bindings, complete the look with our exciting World Cup Rebels Collection.

Worldcup Rebels

Worldcup Rebels

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