detail-1 Ariana Sánchez Fallada

Ariana Sánchez Fallada



Ariana Sánchez, a world-class player on the World Padel Tour, is leading the sport of padel thanks to her edge on court, her deft touch and her outstanding shots. She is after all known as “Magic Ari”.

Born in Reus, Tarragona, her career started on the Catalan junior tour in 2007 at just nine years old. During the first stages of her career she was crowned Spanish Junior Champion five times and World Junior Champion three times.

In 2016 she joined the roster of the World Padel Tour (WPT) rankings, and claimed her first title, the Santander Open, one year later.

Since then she has become one of the toughest players to beat at the 20x10. She captured five World Padel Tour titles in 2019, including the Master Final. In 2020 she added three more titles to her collection, becoming No. 1 while also being crowned Spanish Champion.

In 2021 she partnered up with Paula Josemaría, who is sponsored by HEAD. Playing their strong and efficient game at full steam led them to become masters after winning the Master Final, on top of claiming five World Padel Tour tournament titles: Madrid Open, Marbella Master, Las Rozas Open, Cascáis Master, and Malmö Open.

In 2021 she was also called up to play for Spain at the World Padel Championship, where she was crowned World Champion, winning the final alongside Paula Josemaría.

In 2022 she won six WPT titles, with four Opens and two Masters. In 2023 she won a total of 13 tournaments and in 2024 she will give us many more victories for sure.

Ari currently plays with the Speed Motion, a racquet offering equal parts power and control, which is a perfect combination for enhancing her unmatchable skills on court.