PR 11 GW

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The PR 11 GW all-mountain binding is suited to both novices and advanced skiers. Additonally the binding is perfectly compatible for use with Alpine and GripWalk ski boots.

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Product Information


The modular design of the PR 11 GW all-mountain binding guarantees one thing: fun, regardless of whether you're standing on skis for the first time or you're already an advanced skier. In addition the binding offers perfect compatibility with Alpine and GripWalk boots. This means that you don't have to readjust your binding when you use a different boot. That's freedom: just step in and off you go. You can rely on its perfect positioning and grip. This binding's strong and stable toe unit with Full Diagonal Release function is well-suited for your all-mountain adventures. If you fall, the binding releases both horizontally and vertically. You'll also rave about the extraordinary flex characteristics and durable performance of this binding.


Stand height:
31 mm
3 - 11
Weightrange kg:
from 31 kg




Accommodates Alpine Adult (Type A - ISO 5355) and GripWalk ski boots (within ISO 9523). No adjustments necessary.