detail-1 Jonathan Rollins

                                                            portrait Jonathan Rollins

Jonathan Rollins

Rossland BC
Favorite Ski Resort:
Red Mountain Resort


I’ve spent 22 years of my existence living in the funky little town of Rossland B.C. Rossland has been the perfect stomping ground for me, I couldn’t have asked for a better place to grow up, but relocated to Whistler BC in the fall of 2022. I was introduced to skiing by my parents when I was 3 years old and instantly fell in love with the sport. I love to get out in the pow, build jumps, find new hits, and generally just huck myself off whatever I can. I have participated in ski competitions since 2014, but have struggled to reign it in enough to ever land myself on the podium. This in turn attracted me to film skiing as it gives me creative freedom. I got myself a sled for the 2021 season it opened doors to a whole different side of skiing. Learning to sled and remain safe in the backcountry has been a learning curve but I now find myself out of bounds more days then inbound. There’s nothing better then working hard for a particular shot, or a certain line and watching the shot afterwards to find out it looks exactly how you imagined.