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An aerodynamic racing helmet with MIPS designed for competitive racing. The modular system of the DOWNFORCE makes it suitable for all alpine race disciplines.

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This is the new benchmark for racing helmets. A strong, durable shell in a streamlined, aerodynamic design that's also extremely light and incredibly safe. This helmet is suitable for all alpine competitions, as it has a speed mode with acoustic adapters as well as a gate mode, where the adapters can be exchanged to mount a chin guard for technical disciplines. By adding MIPS, an additional low-friction layer is integrated into the helmet, which is designed to reduce rotational motion transferred to the brain in the case of angled impacts.


Hardshell Technology
XS (52-53 cm), S (54-55 cm), M (56-57 cm), L (58-59 cm), XL (60-61 cm), XXL (62-63 cm)


  1. Hardshell Technology
    Hardshell Technology

    Hardshell TechnologyThis helmet technology is outstanding in longevity and impact protection. For this reason we use it in our race and rental helmets.

  2. MIPS

    MIPSThe MIPS Brain Protection System is a helmet-integrated, low-friction layer designed to reduce rotational motion transferred to the brain from angled impacts to the head.

  3. Dual Density Core
    Dual Density Core

    Dual Density CoreThis patented core technology is made from EPS with dual densities. This increases the helmets performance so it passes the FIS RH 2013 standard.

  4. Thermal Ventilation
    Thermal Ventilation

    Thermal VentilationThermal Ventilation is our automatic ventilation system which leads warm air away from the head to the outside without allowing any cold air to the inside.

  5. Chinguard Compatible
    Chinguard Compatible

    Chinguard CompatibleCHINGUARD can be easily mounted to our race helmets for slalom disciplines.

  6. Changeable Adapter Plates
    Changeable Adapter Plates

    Changeable Adapter PlatesUse the flat adapter plates with optimized acoustics for speed disciplines, the chin guard adapter for technical disciplines.

  7. Microfleece

    MicrofleeceThe soft Microfleece material has several functions: it feels good, draws moisture from the skin and transports it away from the head.

  8. Beanie Liner
    Beanie Liner

    Beanie LinerThe soft Microfleece material of the Beanie Liner adapts perfectly to the head and thus avoids any bruises and the unpleasant entering of cold air. Molded-in mesh zones let heat and moisture escape to the outside and, together with the ventilation system, ensure a pleasant head climate.

  9. Removable Neckgator
    Removable Neckgator

    Removable NeckgatorThese neckgators can be removed to suit the variable weather conditions and for cleaning.

  10. Metal Chinstrap Buckle
    Metal Chinstrap Buckle

    Metal Chinstrap BuckleThe Metal Chinstrap Buckle is both durable and tactile. Made from metal it also adds to the look of a HEAD helmet.

  11. Helmet Pouch Included
    Helmet Pouch Included

    Helmet Pouch IncludedHelmet Pouch included protecting your helmet from scratches and other impacts.

  12. EN 1077:2007 Class A
    EN 1077:2007 Class A

    EN 1077:2007 Class AThe certification procedure for Class A is used for racing helmets with hard ear protectors, requiring high standards of puncture resistance.

  13. ASTM F 2040
    ASTM F 2040

    ASTM F 2040The North American equivalent to the European CE-Test uses comparable methods.

  14. FIS RH 2013
    FIS RH 2013

    FIS RH 2013These helmets comply with FIS GS/SG/DH helmet regulations.