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The FX FAY II is a modern-shaped all-mountain binding with a women-specific highback and Auto Open straps with many customization options, including adjustable flex.

Product Information


The FX FAY II is a whole new binding development, focusing on reliability and ease of use. All adjustments on this binding – and there are plenty – can be done without using any tools. Even the flex of the highback can be adjusted on the go. No more hassling with straps in the cold, as they fold out completely to make entering the binding easy. A comfortable and secure fit is assured with the fully covered base pad. Four Power Ports take care of the power transmission, while Dampiflex assures a natural board flex and shock absorption. The all-new Multidisk can be mounted with all actual snowboard mounting options.


S (22.5-25.0), M (25.5-28.0)
Flex index:


  1. Flexmaster 3000
    Flexmaster 3000

    Flexmaster 3000A new snowboard binding innovation! The flex of the highback can be adjusted without using any tools, by simply adjusting the slider on the back of the binding. Full power and performance when hammering down the slopes, surfy feeling when floating through the backcountry.

  2. Grip Tech Toe Strap
    Grip Tech Toe Strap

    Grip Tech Toe StrapThe Grip Tech Toe Strap folds around the toe and locks the foot securely into the binding. It has a lightweight cup-like construction for perfect boot hold.

  3. Multidisk

    MultidiskThis disc can be mounted with all industry insert standards – 4x4, 3x3 and channel systems.

  4. Women Highback
    Women Highback

    Women HighbackThe Women Highback of the FX series delivers a more natural flex and is designed with an outline that perfectly matches the lower profile of women snowboard boots.

  5. Adjustable Basepad
    Adjustable Basepad

    Adjustable BasepadThe length of the bindings base can be adapted to your boot length without using any tools.

  6. Power Ports Base
    Power Ports Base

    Power Ports BaseThe connection points between binding and board are limited to four ports, to support the natural board flex without justifying power transmission.

  7. Full Covered EVA Basepads
    Full Covered EVA Basepads

    Full Covered EVA BasepadsThe Full Covered EVA Base provides great hold and dampening across the entire binding. The result is a smooth, confident
    and slip-free ride.

  8. Dampiflex

    DampiflexDampiflex improves power transmission and absorbs shocks. In doing so, it allows for a more natural flex pattern in a board and a more responsive and comfortable ride.

  9. Adjustable Toe Ramps
    Adjustable Toe Ramps

    Adjustable Toe RampsThe Adjustable Toe Ramp can be customized to fit any boot with a single screw and channel.

  10. PT Strap
    PT Strap

    PT StrapThe Power Transmission Strap delivers support as well as supreme cushioning and flexibility. Our improved core material has allowed the strap to be thinner yet still provide better support. Additionally, the binding’s ladder straps ratchet into a housing to avoid snagging.

  11. Auto Open Total
    Auto Open Total

    Auto Open TotalThe Auto-Open Total system allows easy entry without the hassle of kicking open or treading on straps. Both the toe and ankle straps automatically fold out from the baseplate for easy access in all conditions.