Hawk Reel 660'

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Made for high-level players, HAWK strings provide the perfect balance between power and control.

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When the perfect balance of control and explosive power comes together in a string, we call it HAWK. This monofilament string's inner crystalline core, which influences control, and the outer molecular chains, which influence power, are perfectly balanced thanks to the innovative Crystal Core Technology, a unique manufacturing process. Highly durable and with high spin potential, these strings are the perfect weapon for the high-level Tour and tournament player. After all, with great power comes great responsibility.


200 m / 660 ft
1.20 mm / 18 g, 1.25 mm / 17 g, 1.30 mm / 16 g


Crystal Core

Crystal Core

HEAD’s Crystal Core Technology is a unique string manufacturing process which utilizes a complex, multistep heat treatment of co-polyester strings.

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