Sanyo’s new SPRINT PRO 3.0 reach new levels of lightness, performance and comfort, which makes them the ideal shoes for players who want to be faster on the court.

Any move on the court is secure when you know you’re wearing a pair of good shoes. Your feet have to be well secured, feel comfortable but still be free to move as they like. Trust in your footwear has to be complete, 100%. So we present the latest in footwear, Sanyo Gutiérrez’s SPRINT PRO 3.0, a model that reaches new heights in lightness, performance and comfort, which makes them the ideal shoes for players who want to be quicker on the court.

“I’m very pleased with my shoes. I’ve been wearing the new Sprint Pro 3.0 for a while now and I think they’re very comfortable and also very lightweight,” is what Sanyo says about his footwear. He also adds: “Compared to the previous version of Sprint Pro, I notice a better fit, like socks. That’s how comfortable they are. I couldn’t do my pre-season prep with anything better on my feet.” If you want to emulate this great padel player’s game, you can start from the bottom: with his shoes.

It’s well known that play on the court is fast and is getting faster, but luckily the new Sprint Pro 3.0’s performance is now faster. In a fabulous fusion of explosive energy and agility, HEAD’s lightest shoes offer high performance and were especially designed for fast and versatile players.

Lightweight shoes designed for speed

This new model’s mesh upper is lightweight and very breathable, while the SOCK SUPPORT SYSTEM construction ensures an optimum level of comfort right from the start. It also includes technologies like the new DELTA STRAPS and the thermoplastic polyurethane heel counter, which keeps the foot well supported while you drift, run and battle for the most challenging points, even on the most demanding court.

Perfect for players who have to sprint at every point, the new Sprint Pro 3.0 include HEAD’s new technologies, which ensure first-class support and comfort. TRI-NRG technology provides exception shock absorption, torsion support and energy return in each step. DRIFT DEFENSE is the latest in toe and middle zone protection. COOLING SYSTEM is the best 360º ventilation in the sole and in the upper. LATERAL CONTROL is a stability driver on the side of the sole to prevent sprained ankles.

The much-anticipated HEAD Sprint Pro 3.0 Sanyo DBNR and HEAD Sprint Pro 3.0 Sanyo WHRV of the player known as ‘the magician’ are now available in stores and on head.com.